Friday, 22 August 2014

How to protect your Personal Data on Android Phone

The Incident:

You can't become a true Karachiite until you've been mugged. On 13th August at 10.13pm when I was coming back from Dolmen Mall, tariq road after I done with my shopping 2 people mugged me. One of the person was sitting on the bike and the other person just walked towards me showing his gun hiding under his shirt and asked me for my mobile and wallet. I was stunned so I replied I've just 70 Rs left & I don't have my mobile so he checked all my 4 pockets and then the guy sitting on the bike said 'take his bag' so he took my bag and my shoes too which I just bought and then they just left. In my bag there was two 3D glasses, one digital camera & my mobile. The exact location of this incident is opposite Qubee office at tariq road near tariq chowrangi.

I was not so worried about my personal data on the phone, why ? cos I don't have any person's picture or any passwords saved in my mobile and all apps are locked and my contacts and sms were already synced. So after that I went to my friend's place who lives at Bahadurabad and from there I remotely wiped out my phone. So now there is nothing left on my mobile.

Things you should do after you've been mugged: 
- Do write your mobile's IMEI number on somewhere safe. You can find that number on your handset's box or simply enter *#06# on your mobile. Then inform PTA with your mobile's IMEI number, you can email them at or call them at Toll Free Helpline 0800-25625.
- Block your SIM as soon as possible.
- If you haven't report your loss to the police, you can report that on CPLC website
They will keep your identity confidential. You can also search Stolen Mobile using IMEI number at

Before going out I always sync my data. You can copy all your pictures, whatsapp and viber backup files, sms, contacts on your PC via data cable or you can upload them on Dropbox or Google Drive.  To lock all apps including your gallery, contacts, sms and incoming calls you can download Applock and for more security Advanced Protection for Applock so no one can can kill or uninstall AppLock without password.

To remotely wiped out your android phone you can install Android Device Manager it can locate your android devices associated with your Google account and reset your device's screen lock PIN and erase all data on the phone. To use Android Device Manager you need Google Apps Device Policy installed and Google Play Services updated.



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