Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What is #KhiBookSwap

   For last 2 years I've been trying to do a bookworms meetup where I can invite all the tweeps I know on twitter. I have done three small meetups at Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF) at Karachi Expo Center. I've met few bookworms in person via twitter. This year I want to do this at some restaurant. While I was discussing with some tweeps that how and where we can do this Ifrah Waqar come with the idea that we should do a Book Swap so I decided let it be KhiBookSwap, where we not just discussing books but swap them too If everyone agreed.

   So far we have done 2 meetups of KhiBookSwap and both were very successful. We really had a great time discussing books and swap them. On our 2nd meetup there was BookwormPakistan too who shared their ideas with us and they will be joining us on our next meetup too. You can join us too at KhiBookSwap.

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   So far I swapped two books, one was 'Why Haven't You Written?' by Nadine Gordimer swapped with Ifrah Waqar and second one was 'Speed Post: Letters to My Children' by Shobha De which I swapped with Rejah Khawar, both were very different and very beautifully written.

Why Haven't You Written? 

Speed post: Letters to My Children

   This book has short stories from 1950 to 1972 when South Africa was under apartheid rule. The scenery and situations were unique for me and Nadine Gordimer did her best to capture the nuances and complex emotions. Some stories are short and some are long and most of them are entertaining and simple.

Speed post: Letters to My Children

    It is a collection of letters from a mother to her children. These letters told you how much she is concerned about her children. You can learn lot about parenting from these letters, some letters can make you laugh and some are very thoughtful. This was my first book that was written by an Indian author and I like the way she writes. It's a must read for every mother.



  1. Perfect platform for all the authentic booklovers out there.
    All the best of luck for your endeavours.