Thursday, 22 January 2015

Breakfast Meetup at Cosmopolitan

Recently I was invited by the Cosmopolitan to explore their all new breakfast menu. It was my first time at Cosmopolitan. I've heard lots of good reviews about this cafe before. So I have very high expectations.

Outside the Café

Inside the Café
There is the outside seating arrangement which is more relaxed and surrounded by the plants. As you walk inside the Café first you'll notice is the hand painted mural that really defines Karachi as the cosmopolitan city. From the group of the girls taking selfie on the beach to the people eating burgers and having chat with the MacBook on the table and the old buildings in Saddar town.

The wooden ceiling, stark white chairs with fuchsia tabletops gives it a modern feel. Overall I love the ambiance of this café.

The waiter introduced me to the new menu. It has The Vegetarian, Normandy, The Spaniard, Mykons, The New Yorker, The Parisian and Mughlai which is more like the desi breakfast. The waiter told me that by next weekend they'll introduced more items to the menu. So I've ordered 'The New Yorker'. Which has steak and fried eggs, sausage and potato hash.

The New Yorker
Steak was juicy not too over cooked, the potato hash and the sausages were the nice combo with the eggs.  After done with my New Yorker we were introduced to The Ferrero Rocher which was part of sweet notes in the menu.

The Ferrero Rocher
The Ferrero Rocher is the pancake stand with Belgian Chocolate Mousse layers and a dark warm Chocolate Ganache topping with nuts. It was heavenly delicous and fulfilling - a perfect start for Sunday.

post breakfast orange juice
This is what I order after I done with my breakfast. Overall the service was good, food was delicious and they've perfect menu for every Karachiite according to their taste. I would definitely recommend it to  everyone.


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