Saturday, 14 February 2015

#KhulKeKhelo by OlpersLassi

Few days back OlpersLassi invited me to the launch of Pakistan's first interactive message wall at the entrance of Dolmen Mall, Clifton. Where all Cricket fans can create short messages for the Pakistani Team. The wall has approx. 2000 small rotating boxes so you can create the message by rotating the boxes.

The wall
I reached at 6:30pm and there was so many people standing near the wall and creating their messages for the team. It was unique and great initiative by the OlpersLassi and a great way to express your love for the Pakistani team. I met some bloggers and had a great time with them all. 

Bloggers busy in tweeting
So after some time Me and @Chocolatecharsi aka Zain decided to create something on the wall and we end up with this

#BoomBoom cos we love Afridi and we hope he will play his part in PakvsInd match. Lots of prayers and best wishes for the Pakistani Team, we believe in you!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Boating and Fishing with Ramiz

On 23rd Jan. 2015 when I was returning home from Karachi Eat Festival which was total waste of time, @Ramizq1 called me but I didn't pick up cos I usually didn't pick my phone during traveling. So I called him back and he told me that his colleagues were planning for fishing to Manora Beach tonight are you interested? You must be exhausted after office? I replied I am always up for adventures! So at 11.30pm I met him at hasan square from there we went to his office where everyone was gathering. After waiting for 1.5hrs we left for Kemari at 1am. It was bit chilly cos of the sea. We bought some chips and cold drinks, parked our cars and went towards the harbor to see our boat.

our boat
After settling up we went for deep waters but coast guards didn't give us the permission to go into deep the water due to some security reasons they said we can go after 6am so we decided to start fishing in shallow water and to enjoy the view and sea breeze. In 2 hours we catch 14-15 fishes which was not bad. At 4.30am we went to the upper side of the boat to explore the night sky. Saturn was above the Scorpius constellation and The Big Dipper was above our heads and give a little intro of the night sky to everyone.

our catch in shallow water

It was getting colder as the time goes by, some of us try to get some sleep but we couldn't cos it was too cold. By 5.45am we went to the harbor to have some breakfast. We had paratha chai for the breakfast which was not that bad as I was expecting. Then we went to the harbor to get some shots, and this was the view as the sea was really calm and still.

And now headed for Manora Beach, and for the first time I witnessed sunrise from the sea and it was a spectacular view from the boat. 

Finally we reached the break wall near the Manora Beach, anchored our boat and start fishing. 

Very soon everyone was getting their fish I got mine after 15mins. as I was doing this for the first time. Noman Bhai told me how to get the fish and when to pull the string. While we were busy fishing Faraz Bhai shouted 'there are dolphins swimming near the shore'. We all went to that side of the boat and all of a sudden our boat was dis-balancing due to the shift of the weight. As I grab my camera to capture some shots there was a big Navy warship passing by and our Captain said please hide your camera, so I didn't get the shots. There was 8 dolphins swimming in pairs near the shore. Another great experience I had was whenever big ship or a speed boat passed by our boat, our boat goes up and down which was so much fun.

Faraz Bhai with his fish
Ramiz with his first catch
It was so much fun as Faraz Bhai and Noman Bhai were comparing their fishes and how much they got. There was only one person on our boat who didn't catch the fish. There was a time when Faraz Bhai and Noman Bhai catching 5 fishes in 10mins. 

our catch in the morning
As we were catching fishes our Captain took away our fishes to cook them and after an hour he came up with this.

Voilà! Our fried fish is served with chaat masala
It was so delicious and fresh that we can't stop our hands. Overall it was one great experience, I learned so many things about fishing, spend almost 10hrs in the sea without sleeping and Alhamdulillah that I've a twitter friends like Ramiz who always invited me to the adventure like these.

Ramiz aka @ramizq1 who made this possible

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Breakfast Meetup at Cosmopolitan

Recently I was invited by the Cosmopolitan to explore their all new breakfast menu. It was my first time at Cosmopolitan. I've heard lots of good reviews about this cafe before. So I have very high expectations.

Outside the Café

Inside the Café
There is the outside seating arrangement which is more relaxed and surrounded by the plants. As you walk inside the Café first you'll notice is the hand painted mural that really defines Karachi as the cosmopolitan city. From the group of the girls taking selfie on the beach to the people eating burgers and having chat with the MacBook on the table and the old buildings in Saddar town.

The wooden ceiling, stark white chairs with fuchsia tabletops gives it a modern feel. Overall I love the ambiance of this café.

The waiter introduced me to the new menu. It has The Vegetarian, Normandy, The Spaniard, Mykons, The New Yorker, The Parisian and Mughlai which is more like the desi breakfast. The waiter told me that by next weekend they'll introduced more items to the menu. So I've ordered 'The New Yorker'. Which has steak and fried eggs, sausage and potato hash.

The New Yorker
Steak was juicy not too over cooked, the potato hash and the sausages were the nice combo with the eggs.  After done with my New Yorker we were introduced to The Ferrero Rocher which was part of sweet notes in the menu.

The Ferrero Rocher
The Ferrero Rocher is the pancake stand with Belgian Chocolate Mousse layers and a dark warm Chocolate Ganache topping with nuts. It was heavenly delicous and fulfilling - a perfect start for Sunday.

post breakfast orange juice
This is what I order after I done with my breakfast. Overall the service was good, food was delicious and they've perfect menu for every Karachiite according to their taste. I would definitely recommend it to  everyone.